Have you ever wondered why Indian kitchen design isn't given as much attention as other parts of the home? And yet, despite being the busiest or most used areas in our homes, kitchens are rarely designed with such care. Isn't it amusing? We tell you here how to design your kitchen like a professional luxury interior designer.

Today's modern kitchens, to us, should never be the recipient of a bad deal. As a result, we asked our best turney interior designers available on the website to come up with the best selection—one that will make you want to redo your stove area immediately.

1. Add a pop of color & accessorize

A lovely blue would be a good example that adds a burst of color to a beautiful white and beige single-wall kitchen. You may create an excellent breakfast counter inside your kitchen by adding two bar stools. Ideas like these and many more can rejuvenate your kitchen completely, ask any Turney Interior designer and he will tell you the same.

2. Open it up & make it inviting

Indian kitchen designs have a warm and inviting feel thanks to the natural wood cabinetry, white stone countertops and backsplashes that most of us have. It's ideal for a family that enjoys spending time in a warming space! This type of semi-open kitchen retains a connection with the rest of the house. Partition shelves and two arched openings straight ahead are two other amenities that appeal to the eye and look modern like a luxury designer kitchen.

3. Go sophisticated with grey

Isn't it time you break the monotony of your kitchen's neutral color scheme? An all-grey kitchen with double-stacked cabinets is all about understated luxury. A grey countertop adds to the harmony, while the raised panel cabinetry adds to its majesty. You can also add floor rugs and potted herbs to make the grey stand out even more! What do you think?

4. Adopt farmhouse chic

Do you want to know how beautiful kitchens should look? A powdered blue base cabinet and a vintage crockery display stand on the right will make any kitchen look beautiful. Don't forget about the beautiful blue patterned backsplash and grey antique tile flooring, both of which have a lot of character. So much personality like a Turney Interior designer!

5. Ace that white

Do you want to breathe life into your all-white kitchen? In a contemporary model kitchen, a glazed light blue backsplash and eye-catching wall artwork together create magic. Another thing to appreciate can be if the dining and kitchen space from the rest of the contemporary Indian apartment are separated.

6. Focus on natural light

If you're going for a U-shaped kitchen, we have a quick piece of advice for you! Include a massive window at the U-end of the kitchen. That is, something like a  grid window, and luxury interior designers will tell you the same! These types of kitchens have a main attraction in the form of a large window in the middle, which floods in lots of natural light (which equals a better mood!) and reflects off the colors of your countertop.

7. Cheer up with yellow

Remember when we said that grey isn't dull anymore? Another method to bring out the color's beauty is with splashes of yellow! We explore that in greater detail now. For these types of kitchens, two coats of a glossy sunflower yellow to the interior frame of the entrance and an extra wall provide the area with an excellent balance between industrial and feminine.

Here's another tip by our Turney Interior designers: In the same yellow kitchen design, adding grey breaks the monotony and serves as a beautiful backdrop for brightly colored appliances, fruits, and potted plants. Consider handle-less cabinets with aluminum finger pulls, popular among current kitchen designs for Indian homes if you want a cleaner look. A wall-mounted TV or TV stand is also preferable if desired.

8. Stay minimal

Do you dislike crowded kitchens? Consider a more intimate Scandinavian design as told by our luxury interior designers. White along the outer two boundaries of this U-shaped kitchen is an excellent element for a minimalist appearance, creating a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. In-built shelves for appliances and other utilities, as well as minimal and wood floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets, may be included.

9. Keep it simple & elegant

An essential kitchen is an excellent illustration of how colors like natural wood and white complement one another. Do you want to give this two-tone combination a more modern feel? Then combine glossy white wall cabinets with the base's softly stained wood tones on the top for a more modern look. Always.

10. Write your own story

This is for you if you love DIY! Use adorable drawings and witty handwritten sayings about food and cuisine to brighten up your kitchen. It's not only a fantastic weekend project, but it also makes for a great conversation starter when friends come over for dinner!

11. Use that extra space

Islands have traditionally been utilized as extra prep space or a dining substitute, but here's another approach to use them: relocate the sink or stove to it. An island stove (below) would make you more engaged with the rest of the home while cooking, while a sink (above) helps you quickly move utensils and vegetables for rinsing and washing.

12. Chequer with black and white

Do you want to add two of the most favorite colors to your Indian kitchen? An L-shaped design demonstrates how by using a chequered combination of black and white cabinets looks beautiful with a granite worktop. A backsplash can be removed from this kitchen design, for allowing air into the room.

13. Experiment with texture

A kitchen, despite its classic appearance,can constantly experiment with texture. On the one hand, pull-out wicker baskets relieve the monotony of the leading wooden style. On the other hand, perforated metal inserts in the wall cabinets offer a gleaming contrast.

14. Dip in paint

To boost the overall look of your property, all you have to do is paint over your furniture! A rustic set of tables and breakfast chairs extends the original peninsula while also receiving a lovely table. Right? It looks fantastic against a neutral backdrop.

15. Go sleek in a small kitchen

Do you have a cramped living space? Do you want to save room while still having a stylish appearance? Consider utilizing a horizontal design like this one! A small kitchen design has rows of shallow base drawers with stainless steel bottoms (for easy pull-out), and lift-up handles on wall cabinets (to open up and upwards).

Wrapping up:

These are the preferred kitchen designs when it comes to kitchens, our blogs are extremely descriptive for letting your imagination run wild. So the next time you contact an interior designer, you can briefly and vividly explain what you want and how you want.