A traveller's
eclectic abode

The home was created with a family of four in mind. The man of the house, an ex-commander of a submarine, is a huge fan of birds. He adores hats ranging from a Trilby to a Dorfman Pacific. He’s a creative guy who likes to try new things and serve his unique guests beverages. His lovely wife, a teacher by trade, and a lover of nature. She has a distinctive plant collection and is inspired by her trees.

Family Personalities

Their Son, a techie with a humorous personality who comes to see them often, is a Quentin Tarantino fan and a fun lover. Their daughter, an educational consultant, is a profound thinker.

Non-materialistic beliefs and a sophisticated sense of style are common among this distinct group.

They, as a family, are frequent travelers and partygoers.

They would want to have their family and friends over for a party and enjoy the food, music, fun, laughter, and wine that has been prepared.


The master bedroom is set in a brighter hue with floral patterns for the accent wall to provide some fun to the room. The guest bedroom has a contrasting color scheme and features an individual workstation. The kids’ bedroom has a brighter color scheme that complements the numerous toys on display while also providing plenty of storage.

3 bhk

A new age house is brought to you by our design. a lovely 3bhk apartment that has been designed for home entertainment. the numerous open areas emphasize the white and neutral tones in this house, such as beige and gold. florals and patterns adorn the upholstery and the walls of the decor.

Residents are gracious hosts to their guests. it is also reflected in the design. a balcony has been transformed into the ideal entertainment area in the master bedroom. in the guest room, a well-kept workstation and clean lines abound. the 3rd bedroom was remodeled to provide a pleasant reading nook and prayer area. this is every consepindia host's ambition house.

The 3bhk includes all the most popular styles for a family house in india and a customer's distinct style. the visitors are led to an ergonomically laid-out living area via a brightly colored foyer space. the modular kitchen is adjacent to the living room and features a breakfast counter with hardwood accents. with wood furnishings, the dining area is kept bare and conventional.

Golden home

The house glistens with consepindia's potential inside and out, reflecting the dream's soul.

The home of whitefield's brigade cosmopolis resident and her modest family of three, consepindia is the ordinary abode of a small-town woman. the couple's exquisite sense of style is reflected in the beautiful tones they selected for their dream home.

On my right, we have a toll unit with a microwave and two hydraulic top lifts for storage and frosted glass on top, and next to it, we have a white granite countertop. in the corner, beside the detergent holder, there are cabinets, a dustbin, and twin boxes. on top of that, we have an end-to-end loft next to the chimney. we have cabinets for spices with frosted glass lids.

We've arrived at the master boot record. this is a 2-door sliding wardrobe that has been matte-finish on the inside. it's made up of both light and dark hues. we have used a plywood board that begins at the floor, extends up to the ceiling, and has a basic perimeter to complete the look.

Amber home

As you enter the home on the left, you'll see a stunning partition with cnc cutting sandwiched between tuffin glass and wooden rafters. this is a barrier between the foyer and living room, and we have placed tall cabinets below. we've installed a ledge from the wall for stone cladding, which features a beautiful buddha illuminated by the spotlight.

As you enter the living area, you'll notice a lovely tv unit with wooden paneling to match the design, as well as cove lighting to highlight the white wallpaper and back panel to hide the wiring. 2 ledges are provided for showcasing items. at the same time, bottom cabinets are available for storing equipment.

Overall, this is a perfect space for our hosts. a 2-door openable wardrobe and an end-to-end loft in chilly white glossy laminates and olive-gray laminates may be seen as we enter the guest room. we've put up lovely architecture ledges to showcase items and books. we've also given a study table below that and storage boxes to hide the system cables. a basic perimeter with spotlights and cove lights has been added on top for extra lighting.

Modern indian
home interiors

Gold and beige complement each other. the light is warm and rich in color during the day, and beautiful designer lights shine at night. warmth comes from gold and beige. the entrance is well positioned, and it draws us in with its beauty. the living areas are highly active. here, the colors meld together beautifully. a cozy couch paired with tea tables is ideal for squeezing in some extra room.

The new thing in home automation is here. mobile phones control the living and dining, false ceiling lights, and cove lights in this house. the fascinating aspect of curtain automation is the fact that it's automated. the most beautiful outdoor view is after the curtains are taken down. the elegant balcony with a couple's coffee table is an ideal location to unwind during lazy days. a lovely terrace will get your attention immediately. this is the primary source of light within the residence.

The wife had a wonderful time using alexa and the laurel curtains. another feature is that a variety of devices may control all automated equipment. the dining area had a rustic appearance, and the designer lights set it apart nicely. the master bedroom has straight-line designs that are continued in the wardrobe. the guest bedroom is essential and inconspicuous.

4 bhk

This customer is a kind and pleasant lady who enjoys getting to know and interact with new people. there is enough storage and seating in this house. the style concept is modern indian fusion. the white walls are complemented with greys, browns, and blues throughout the home to provide each space with a distinct atmosphere. the master bedroom's wardrobe is adorned with wallpaper and mirrors. this design features a unique aesthetic. the son’s bedroom is decorated in a musical style. the colors are neutral in this room.

The entrance is beautifully designed with a mirrored console and a flowing water buddha idea. in the living room, the tv stand has an extra-long wooden rafter barrier. it's a subtle way of identifying whether the area is for work or leisure. the dining area has a magnificent zigzag false ceiling at the entrance. when she hosts house parties, a large buffet counter and crockery are built to accommodate more people. the rich appearance of the guest bedroom wall is created with gypsum board and metallic paint on top.

The corner of this house has a modern style, while the indian touches are added by including the features. the kitchen is well-designed and offers a lot of storage. greens may be seen in open niches here.


This lovely penthouse of our newlywed client is decorated with an indian interior design featuring teak furniture and a relaxing color scheme created by the soft furnishings. art was used to bringing punjab's rich cultural history, where the residents originate, into the room. the couple has installed artwork and decor that is strongly tied to their culture to preserve the customs of their nation.

In the master bedroom, there is a king-size bed with storage underneath and two side tables, one of which has a mirror on top that serves as a dresser. there are two wall highlighters to make it seem brighter. to discuss the false ceiling, which has a simple perimeter with cove lights and beautiful zigzag shapes containing rafters, lit by the spotlights and cove lights that start in the living room and run to the foyer before diving, which appears very inviting.

We have an entrance wall on the other side, which serves as a warm welcome wall since it has wooden panels and three spotlights behind. this makes the penthouse an excellent start for newlyweds on their new adventure in a beautiful location.

style home

Our client's moroccan-inspired house is attractive and sturdy, matching the power couple's style. daphne, which comes from the greek term for "sea goddess," features blue hues similar to those found in the sea. the home is divided into three stories, with carved panels above doors at each level. the client's elegant, innovative, and modern aesthetics complement its rooms' classy, large, and smooth characteristics.

The beautiful and slender living rooms with plentiful seating and an open puja unit created through a moroccan-inspired, hand-painted feather panel provide a soulful encounter. the cove light is lit by a pebble tray illuminated by the cove light and filled with tuffin glass cabinets for storage, while the skirting is extended on either side for a showcase of enormous relics or vases.


The kitchen, like the other rooms in this house, is filled with vintage finds. we have a charming partition between the kitchen and dining area from the entrance that doubles as crockery. we have rafters with transparent niches for displaying artifacts, and below are cabinets to store crockery. in the kitchen, we’ve used the same frosty white glossy laminates and dark brown laminate tiles to match the design because it's an open kitchen.

The people who inhabit it, who have created it, and the blue hues that unravel themselves in their journey throughout this sea-licious house distinguish it like a pearl that sets an oyster with value.


When it comes to simple interior design ideas, people frequently get confused between minimalism and a chilly severity that is far from the truth. on the other hand, this customer was well aware of the beautiful things that small dwellings can accomplish. there's a no-fuss variant of minimal interior design (warm minimalism) full of no-nonsense, clean elegance.

He cherished simplicity, refinement, and a good sense of luxurious comfort and usefulness. the trick is to keep rooms spare and well-edited, using printless fabrications and décor extras to double as functional elements.

We picture an art gallery or museum as soon as we think of minimal interior design styles. we could give him a basic interior design that couldn't be classier with our customer's method of arranging the barest necessities with a lively sense of drama, whether natural or artistic.

design style

We used a traditional european design aesthetic on our clients' prestige lakeside habitat in bangalore. this consepindia home features neutral color schemes and gleaming surfaces that brighten the mood of the space. this lovely house has a classic interior design style and innovative modular features, and intelligent storage areas.

This house has a large floor plan with proportioned rooms and high ceiling heights that make it more beautiful. this home was constructed of stone or brick, with steeply pitched roofs and tall windows with shutters. we furnished them with rich, decorative keystones to give them a more european appearance.

Another feature of this house is the arched doorway-entry with a french door. textured wall surfaces, archways, and ceiling heights were incorporated into the design. in this article, we'll discuss interior design materials and home decor items that you can use to complement the look of a lovely apartment or a european-inspired apartment style that may make your house even more appealing.